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Hi! I am a PhD graduate interested in industry positions! Download my CV here. If you have an opening for me, please reach out at

I completed my PhD at the University of Bergen’s department of computer science in 2021. My advisors were Dr. Anya Bagge and Prof. Gail Murphy. You can read more about my PhD here and find my thesis here.

My graduate research has focused on helping humans edit programs. In my Master’s thesis, I used runtime verification to improve the safety of refactoring tools. In my PhD, I have utilized user-oriented research methods, like interviews, surveys, and lab studies, to investigate how we can improve code editing tools. The goal of my research is to make it faster and easier for developers to change software.




I have experience with designing and executing user studies with programmer practitioners to understand how practitioners use tools. I have mined open source repositories to create refactoring tasks and online surveys. Currently, I work on a prototype code editing/refactoring tool for IntelliJ. I have previously implemented other prototype plugins for Eclipse (a refactoring pluing) and Visual Studio Code (a transcription plugin).

Aside from research activites, I participate in initiatives for increased diversity in computer science. As an undergraduate, I started a gender initiative to retain more female students in our programming classes. I have also participated in teaching acitivites at University of Bergen for 7 years, including conducting lectures and creating tasks and exam exercises for classes of up to several houndred students. I have been an examiner for both oral and written exams, and I have supervised one Master’s student to graduation.

I have also been student volunteer, artifact reviewer, program committee member, and chair on various conferences.


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